Schools out for summer.

What a PERFECTC way to embarass your kid as he arrives home from school the last day of the school year.

The father in the first video talked his friends into dressing up like an 70's rock band, Dad would play Alice Cooper.

They rocked it REALL HARD as to poor embarassed kid got off the bus and did all he could to avoid his father and rush to the house.

Undetered, the "band" just kept playing for the kids on the bus who were just LOVING IT!

Perry township, Indiana.

We don't know the name of the family - or the son.

If we did, we would furhter embarass the kid by telling you.

Actaully, this dad tries to embarass his son in any way he can, any chance he gets.

Okay, that's a good one. This father gets a tropy.

But is he the only one who tries to embarass his kid like this?

Thankflully - NO!

I found an entire video montage of parents going all out to embarass their kids on the last day of school.

I hope this next video will inspire more parents to do the same.

The first kid you'll see in this video did not even want to get out of the vehicle.

Lets face it, this is the highest form of effection a parent can show their kid.

It's also REVENGE for all the times that these kids embarassed their parents in public.

Everyone wants to be part of a cool family like this.

It's also fun to think of how to prank them back.

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