Today for one line Monday we asked people the one thing that they see as the biggest impact when it comes to inflation.

The obvious one was of course fuel costs but a lot of that increase is because of the new energy policies and the war on fossil fuels. One that surprised me was the cost of hot water heaters, which are up 30 to 40 percent.

The cost of fertilizer for farmers is also up substantially. It's up over 100 percent since last fall. Fast food prices are another with the cost of trucking and labor is raising food prices faster than you can keep up with. Rent is up an average of 19 percent from this time last year according to AP.

I'm sure that medical costs are also higher but no one ever asks what the cost is. When you have a broken arm and go to the hospital people don't ask how much for a set and cast. I don't buy many clothes so I don't know about clothing but I feel like you have felt it in everything else.

Hell, even my security system monitoring has gone up and I've had the same equipment in place for years. These trillions of dollars that were pumped into the economy also were a major factor and not all of that has been spent and felt yet either.

Everything from Tacos to tires, gas to groceries will continue to climb until we can get new people in to calm things down. Hang on it's going to be a wild ride I fear for a while.

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