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Look a little closer at the Lefse. That's not your normal Granrud's Lefse. They now have a spinoff of the Lefse where they fry it and flavor it. That one is garlic salt flavored fried lefse, and man is it good. My wife described it best. She said it's like when you get the Chex mix, and you only want the dark rye chips. They taste like those, but even better.

I was up in Scobey, Montana for Veterans Day with a great crew and spoke at the ceremony for the VFW Post in Scobey, which is the oldest VFW Post in Montana. While there, I was lucky enough to drop in to the Farver Farms Cookhouse and Mercantile. It is definitely worth the trip. Check out the Made in Montana collection of items I was able to come home with.


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Loaded up on some great Made in Montana products at the @farverfarms Mercantile in Scobey.

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By the way, Granrud's Lefse is now based in Scobey, after making the move from Opheim. Our friends in Billings will certainly recognize the Parkers Hangover Tonic. And the Tipus Chai comes all the way from Northwestern Montana.

And of course, it is the Farver Farms Cookhouse and Mercantile, so you will find the very tasty Farver Farms lentil crunchers grown right there in Scobey by Shauna and Terry Farver and family. I first got to sample those when Scobey was playing in the state basketball tournament at the Metra in Billings. The Farver's also had some snack packs of the Kracklin Kamut' out of Big Sandy, Montana on hand. Great, healthy snacks all around- especially when you're taking your next road trip through Northeastern Montana.

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