Remember, when it comes to weather, "normal" means that nothing stays the same.

Some years are hotter than others, some colder.

Some years are wetter, some dryer.

There are even natural trends that last decades and even longer.

So this cold weather that we've been experiencing late into March, and continuing into April, is not "abnormal." It just doesn't happen often.

Lets take a look at why the cold has stuck with is so long.

The video below is by regional meteorologist Don Day, of Day Weather.

Scroll to 5:26 in the video below and Don will tell you, and show you, what's been happening.

It has to do with 2 high pressure systems and one big low pressure system.

Working together these pressure systems have been acting like an air pump.

The high pressure system are on either side of the North American continent.

That's keeping the cold, Arctic, air sandwiched in the middle.

In that middle there is a low pressure system spinning.

Low pressure spins counter clockwise.

That's been acting like a cold air pump.

It's been spinning and pulling air right down out of the Arctic and funneling it down to the Western states for a very long time.

But it has to end sometime, right?

attachment-Cold Air Pump Don Day Youtube

Computer models show that by the middle of April that low pressure "cold pump" should have dissipated.

That would give the west a chance to warm up.

But real warmth that sticks with us won't come to the West until near the end of April.

That warmup will not come quickly.

It will take a little time.

Between now and then expect some warmer days followed by a cold snap, then back to warm, and some more cold.

April, traditionally, is a moth of disturbed weather.

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