I've been wanting to catch up with Marine Corps veteran Tomy Parker from Ronan, Montana. Especially after seeing a great piece in The Marine Corps Times highlighting the Wounded Warrior's battle with addiction, and the trials and tribulations he has faced since returning home to a hero's welcome.

I first caught up with Tomy Parker shortly after he was wounded in Afghanistan. He joined us recently on our statewide radio show- Montana Talks- to talk about how he not only overcame his drug addiction, but how he is fighting back even harder- competing in marathons and more.

Check out the full audio of our conversation below:


If you want to follow Tomy's training, check out the "Adventures with King Kong" Facebook page. The latest post notes that Tomy was set to compete in the revered Bataan Memorial Death March, but that event has now been cancelled due to coronavirus concerns:

The Bataan Memorial Death March was canceled this year but we still went to New Mexico to test our bodies and minds, remember those who served, and to make new friends. We definitely did all of that! We will compile the footage we took as soon as we can to share more of our trip with you all. It was a wonderful experience.... we will be back next year!!!

By the way, the photos above and below are of Tomy and his girlfriend Dara Rodda while they were training for the march in the white sands of New Mexico.


Credit Dara Rodda
Credit Dara Rodda

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