This time of year is an intense time to visit the Bison in Yellowstone, because it's mating season. During what is known as 'Rut', Bull Bison will spar to show dominance and sometimes the end result isn't a pleasant one.

It seems like it has to be mentioned quite often (not so much to Wyomingites) tourists in Yellowstone always get too close to big game and think it's ok. If it were safe, there wouldn't be a rule in place to stay at least 25 yards away from animals like Bison! Not only are these monsters strong, fast and agile...they have horns that can penetrate and kill.

Youtuber Tripods In The Wild witnessed a rare site while visiting Yellowstone last week. A battle for dominance was underway as a herd of Bison were grazing and a group gathered to take a look. All of a sudden a large bull starts charging and collides with an unsuspecting bull. As the bull connects, the unsuspecting party is dropped and killed as his head was punctured by the horn of the charging bull. After Yellowstone Park Rangers were alerted, they began dragging the heavy carcass further away from the visitors, so predators have space to come and naturally take care of the meat.

According to the National Wildlife Federation, the skull of an adult Bison is extremely thick and are able to handle the sparring collision...normally. The impact of a hard charging of a fully mature bison bull is similar to what a small pickup truck would be. Imagine what would be done to the human body if it were on the receiving end of that collision.

Another video captured Jackson Hole EcoTour Adventures shows wolves that are taking advantage of the easy meal.

These videos are graphic, but shows nature at work. Hopefully this will show why it's so important to stay away!


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