I have had a couple of buddies who grew up in Hawaii or spent a good chunk of their lives on one of the islands. Only to eventually end up in Montana, out of all places. They would tell me stories about how the locals treat tourists, especially tourists who plan on moving to Hawaii. Locals in Hawaii are not fond of more people moving to the already crowded state. So they don't treat some out of staters as nicely as some would in other parts of the country.

Hawaiians call tourists "Haole" or "HOWL-LEEz"

It is only a matter of time before Montana becomes much like Hawaii. Some locals already tend not to treat tourists very well. Especially if they are looking to buy real estate or are planning a move here. We just haven't come up with a word to call them yet.

Luke Grimes (a.k.a Kayce Dutton on "Yellowstone) has recently made the move to Montana. He figures since he is going to work here so much, he might as well live here too. Luke recently sat down with Jimmy Kimmel to promote season 5 of "Yellowstone." During his interview, he talks about how there are many parts of Montana that have the "locals only" vibe. Explaining how people react to vehicles with California plates. And how locals have treated him since he became a full-time resident of the Treasure State. Jimmy and Luke discuss his love for big game hunting here in Montana and even meeting Stevensville's own Huey Lewis.

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