I think it's safe to say that we in Montana have been following Yellowstone a bit closer than the rest of the country. It's sort of become "our show" with it being filmed in Missoula, Hamilton, Darby, and surrounding areas last year. I was able to be an extra for a day of filming - and it was pretty cool!

Fans of the show Yellowstone have been growing impatient. And that's the nice way of saying they've been losing their minds! Everyone has been begging for the slightest hint as to when season 4 of the wildly popular show will be making its debut. The first three seasons saw Father's Day weekend serve as the designated starting point for new episodes. And I guess after three years you kind of expect year number four to follow the same recipe for success. When it became obvious that the new season wouldn't begin around the same time dad received his yearly gift of socks - the guessing game began.....and the rumors started flying.

The theory that caught the most wind in its sails was that Yellowstone probably didn't want to compete with the upcoming Olympic Games and the show would probably push its season premiere to the fall. After seeing today's news - that's not officially the reason, but it seems like it makes sense.

Yellowstone finally gave followers a taste of what's to come when the new season does start up in what has been confirmed to be "this fall" - and rumored to be November. The show finally dropped a new teaser video today to get everyone salivating over what's to come with the Dutton family. And while there isn't a whole lot to the clip outside of mostly old footage.....it does show a brief new scene and includes a pretty clever slogan of "revenge will be worth the wait."

There's still no official day that the new season will premiere.....so we'll have to wait a bit longer for that tiny little detail. But today's news did unveil some new cast members that will be joining the upcoming season. You can see more HERE.

So the wait for new Yellowstone episodes will take us into the fall. But at least we know that much now. And now that we have a teaser.....it won't be long until we have an official season preview followed by the actual season. We just have to practice a little patience. Just like John Dutton planning out his revenge.

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