It's crazy to think that an organization as powerful and respected as this has only been around for 20 years.

The Montana Family Foundation is celebrating 20 years of service to families and people of faith in the state. They had a big banquet in Billings Thursday night, with another coming to Bozeman in early November.

Randy Wilson is one of the keynote speakers. He is the director for Stand Courageous, a ministry of the Family Research Council. He was also here 20 years ago when key leaders stood alongside Jeff Laszloffy to start the Montana Family Foundation.

Randy shared several great quotes from historical leaders and America's Founding Fathers. He talked about how men and pastors, in particular, need to stand up to save our country.

Randy Wilson: Churchill said- speaking of darker days, as he talked about standing in the bombed out City of London, he said, 'Do not speak of darker days. These are great days. These are great days, the greatest days our country has ever lived. And we should all thank God that we have been allowed, each one of us according to our stations, to play a part in making these days memorable in the history of our race.' So we're calling out to men.Men, you are created in God's image. Exodus 15:3- you are warriors. God says, the Lord is a warrior, the Lord is his name. Therefore we are, and we got to translate that and call our young men to be warriors themselves. We've got to tell them who they are, what their identity is, and put models in front of them that they can follow.

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