Montana Democrats Look Desperate on COVID-19
They had their chance. They were in charge. They ordered lockdowns, mandates, and other restrictions. The restrictions didn't work. And now they want to do it again. I don't know about you- but the Montana Democrats simply just look desperate.
Logjam at Our Ports, a Montana Trucker’s Perspective
Jim Verhoef joined us on the radio during our LIVE broadcast from Malta last week. He's a former director of the Owner-Operator Independent Driver's Association- a national trade association that fights for driver's rights at the local, state, and federal level.
LIVE Show from Conrad and Malta, Montana This Week
If you really want to experience Big Sky Country Montana, you gotta get to the Hi Line. That's where you really get to experience the great wide open...and the great people. We'll take you to Malta on Thursday. But first- we'll stop in Conrad, Montana just south of Shelby for Wednesd…
A 360 View of “The Right to Repair” Debate in Montana
We had a great conversation at the Montana Equipment Dealers Association conference in Whitefish, Montana last week. And it wasn't just a one-sided conversation with equipment dealers. We had legislators, stockgrowers, grain growers, and Farm Bureau leaders all in the house as well.

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