About a month ago - in the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic - people around town started wondering about the 4th of July. Are there going to be any fireworks? Will they be canceled? Who's putting on displays and where will they happen?

The City of Laurel and the Laurel Volunteer Fire Department kept everyone guessing by teasing an "official announcement" on 6/5.  The Laurel Outlook shared a Facebook story on Thursday from a city council meeting that made it sound like fireworks were going to happen in Laurel. The Laurel Volunteer Fire Department then followed up this morning (6/5) with a Facebook post confirming that there will be a fireworks display on July 4th in Laurel. Screenshot below:

Credit: LVFD via Facebook
Credit: LVFD via Facebook

So.. no parade, no giant party in Thompson Park and none of the other 4th of July Laurel traditions. I guess it'll be a great year for an at-home backyard party. I will be mailing a check to the LVFD though. Did you read their statement? The members of their association are paying for the show this year with money from their own pockets. That's pretty awesome.

As for Billings, the Billings Gazette is reporting that the display normally held at Castle Rock, will instead be lit from MetraPark (tentatively the upper parking lot). The Billing Fire Department reminds residents that the Rims, Zimmerman Park and Phipps Park will be closed the night of July 4th.

Will you be doing your own fireworks display this year? The wife and I are already planning our backyard festivities for the 4th. It kinda' sounds like we'll be making a trip to Hardin to load up on stuff for a private show. Where do you usually go to buy your bangers? Let's chat pyrotechnics in the Comments!

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