This is nuts. We know the liberal city and county government in Missoula went nuts over COVID-19. Now they're going nuts over...fireworks...and people who want to celebrate freedom and America.

You would have thought this was a joke- a satirical twitter account. That's what Kyle Schmauch thought when he saw a tweet from the Missoula County Government in Missoula, Montana.

According to the below tweet, sent by the Missoula County Government- "the Missoula County fireworks snitch line is live today through Wednesday, July 5." Allison Franz, a communications manager with Missoula County also encouraged her followers on Twitter to "call early and often."

Kyle Schmauch, who works for the Montana Legislature's Senate Majority weighed in with a reply to both messages, pointing out how he thought it was a joke when he first saw it shared by Missoula County.

Here was my reaction early Thursday morning. A "snitch" line? Damn the Missoula Dems loved them some Rona...COVID tactics used against fireworks now. If only they were this tough on criminals."

So Missoula County has a "snitch line" for neighbors to report on neighbors celebrating freedom and America by lighting off fireworks. Does Missoula have a snitch line for the transients stabbing people or doing illicit drugs and camping out near the YWCA thrift store? Does Missoula have a snitch line for the Mexican drug cartel operatives trafficking meth and fentanyl into Northwest Montana vis a vis Missoula?

Pitting neighbor against neighbor is exactly what liberal city and county governments did with their absurd mask mandates and other lockdown measures in the name of COVID-19. Here they go again...


The Classic 'Must-Have' Fireworks From My Childhood

Believe it or not, I was never a huge fireworks' fan growing up. In fact, I was terrified of them. I liked watching all the different colors light up the sky, however, I was (and to some degree still am) sensitive to the loud noises and big booms. Sometimes I would have to watch fireworks displays from my car. It really became that much of an issue for me.

Now that I am much older, I have overcome my most of fears and enjoy viewing fireworks shoes with my family and friends. Prior to the main event, I light up sparklers and other, smaller fireworks with them to get excited for the rest of the evening's festivities.

I recently looked back at some photos and videos from past 4th of July celebrations that I've experienced. So many great memories were created during these times.

Here are some of the "must-have" fireworks we always had on hand during the 4th of July parties.



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