Some of my favorite memories as a kid on Montana's Hi Line were sitting around the table with my Great Grandma Nellie and my Grandma Joan, playing Whist, and eating Lefse.

That's right, if you're Scandinavian, and you live in Montana- chances are, you grew up eating Lefse.

That's why I was so excited to stop in and see our friends at Granrud's Lefse in Scobey on Tuesday. We've been touring the state as part of our Hometown Handshake tour. After doing a radio show in Wolf Point, we drove up to Scobey- and man did we pick the perfect time to be there. I've seen Lefse made before, but never like this. They were in full production mode. (I would share pictures, but their equipment is actually was handmade by the founders of Granrud's)

For those who don't know, Granrud's Lefse started in Opheim, Montana, and recently moved down the road to Scobey. Lefse looks kind of like a tortilla, but it is thinner and made of potatoes. I like it with butter and sugar, but some people will add cinnamon or even make a sandwich out of it. You can find their Lefse in grocery stores all across Montana. They also ship their Lefse all across the country. (They also recently started making flavored and fried lefse chips with the scraps of Lefse that are very tasty)

We got to meet the owner, Libi, on Tuesday (featured in the photo above). I've also had the honor of interviewing the folks from Granrud's a couple times over the years- going back to their Opheim days.

Libi tells us their latest batch of potatoes came fresh from Miles City, Montana. According to their website:

A blend of red and white dry land potatoes (nearly 1000 pounds a day) are locally sourced for our award winning potato lefse.

Granrud’s Lefse uses about 84,000 pounds of potatoes every season!

Credit Aaron Flint
Credit Aaron Flint

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