I was chatting with Dr. Scott Ellner, the CEO of Billings Clinic, last week and he heard me mention how I came back from Scobey, Montana with a fresh bag of Lefse. Our doctors and nurses love Lefse, he told me. It's one of their favorite snacks that folks have sent to the hospitals to show their support for our hard working health care workers.

Libi Susag from Granrud's Lefse Shack in Scobey heard about the conversation with Dr. Ellner and I. As a result, she said Granrud's Lefse will be doing FREE SHIPPING to any Montana hospitals on Monday, October 25th.

As I could see firsthand, the crew at Granrud's was very short staffed. Since they're short staffed, Libi said that anyone who calls in an order to be delivered to a Montana hospital will get free shipping. The call needs to be placed on Monday, October 25th. though, because that is when they will have enough help in the office to take the orders. Phone: 1-866-765-3250

Thank you Aaron Flint for stopping by our Lefse Shack! In honor of your visit and the Hometown Handshake Tours, on MONDAY Oct. 25th, all phone in orders with deliveries going to HOSPITALS in MONTANA, we will give FREE SHIPPING!
Remember, Monday the 25th only... that is the only day we have staff for the phone! (BTW we are hiring!)
Monday, Oct 25, ship our lefse to Montana hospitals FREE! Call us at 406-487-5600, 8am - 12pm only. Thank you!!

For those who don't know, Lefse is the Scandinavian treat that is made from potatoes. It looks like a tortilla, and many of us will coat it in butter, sprinkle it with sugar, and then roll it up like a cigar.

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