The ACL...who? The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Who are they and where have they been? We've been facing some of the greatest civil liberties battles of our times in recent years and they've largely been MIA.

So let me get this straight, we hardly hear a peep out of the ACLU during all of these Communist Chinese-style lockdowns and mandates in America, but now that Montana passes a law to crack down on TikTok- the ACLU rises in defense of the Communist Chinese?

Think about it, we had churches shut down while strip clubs and abortion mills were able to stay up and running. We had kids forced to wear masks. School sports were shut down. Businesses were shut down. We had black people (and others) in certain cities told they couldn't sit at lunch counters if they didn't get the experimental jab.

On top of that, we had the FISA law abused so that federal government agencies could interfere in a presidential election, spy on President Trump's associates, and undermine the President of the United States. Look at the all out weaponization of government being used to target Trump, peaceful pro life protestors, and even spying on Catholic churches- not to mention the push for more gun control. I'd imagine the ACLU took a token position against some of this stuff at some point- but they never took a major stand. But boy will they stand up for the Communist Chinese intelligence collection tool known as TikTok.

The ACLU of Montana has ZERO credibility with the people of Montana right now. They should be standing up to protect the privacy of Montanans, instead they stand with the Communist Chinese.

*Note: TikTok officially filed suit against the State of Montana on Monday. Here's the Fox News report.


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