Apparently white domestic terrorism is long as you're a Biden Democrat. How in the world is the nomination of Tracy Stone-Manning to head up the BLM still moving forward?

I'm looking forward to getting back in the saddle of the radio show on Monday morning. While I was out, I tried to stay up on the news back here in Montana as much as possible. If I spotted something that I think may still be worth talking about when I got back on the air- I would save the story so I have it on hand Monday morning.

Here's some of the stories that caught my eye while I was out.

Tracy Stone Manning's nomination to head up the Bureau of Land Management

Even though the former federal investigator came public and hammered Tracy Stone Manning for hampering a federal investigation involving an eco-terrorism case that she was involved in, her nomination by Joe Biden to be the head of the BLM is still moving forward. Unbelievable. Here's a story from the Wall Street Journal. And here is Sen. John Barrasso's op-ed in the USA Today.

Billings public schools are not requiring masks

First off, let me say God bless Greg Upham, the Superintendent of School District 2 in Billings. So far at least, he is saying masks will not be required for kids in Billings schools. The latest mask-up nonsense is insane.

While I was out, this story from Montana Public Radio also stood out to me. It featured reaction from the Montana School Board Association talking about masks in schools:

Melton says school districts' options are restricted by two laws passed during the last legislative session. One requires that elected officials have a say in public health mandates and another bars schools from taking vaccine status into consideration when drafting rules.


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Daines bill will audit the CDC

Speaking of this insane push by some to once again require masks, what about the all-over-the-map messaging coming from the CDC? I thought this was a cool story. Montana's Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) has introduced a bill to audit the CDC. They certainly need to be held accountable, don't they?

Several interesting stories from The Federalist

When I looked at the stories I saved for when I get back on the radio, you know what stood out as a common theme? The fact that several of the stories all came from The Federalist. The double standards for rioters, the hypocrisy of Congressional Democrats, the Capitol police officer who defended BLM rioters but pretended to care about Capitol rioters, and the list of lies told by Joe Biden--these were just some of the stories that caught my eye. Oh, and check out this one about illegal immigration.

The great firefighters working in Montana this summer

Of course, I've tried to stay up to speed on the fires that have been hitting our state all summer long.

When I was boarding my flight back home to Billings, I was in the cheap seats in back watching everyone else board the plane in front of me. I noticed one guy loading his stuff into the overhead compartment. His personal bag consisted of a work belt, a radio, and a firefighter helmet. If the airline lost his bag, he had what he needed to hit the ground running and help fight fire. It's yet another reminder to say thanks to all the firefighters out there.

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