There is an all-original local play production in the works and if this is something that strikes your fancy, auditions are coming up

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The Friends of the World Museum of Mining here in Butte are putting on an all-volunteer, all-original living history play centered on some of the lesser-known-but-still-important characters and events that have shaped the Mining City into what it is that we know today.  The production will be in 9 acts and will tell the (mostly) true stories of these amazing times and the people in them.  All roles are open and auditions will be taking place Thursday, January 26 from 7 to 9pm and again the following Tuesday, January 31 from 4pm to 6pm.  All auditions will take place at the World Museum of Mining.

One of the main pieces of the production will be the role of the narrator, an Irish gentlemen named Matty Kielly.  Producers describe his character as "an older red-faced ex-miner with a keen sense of humor and prolific storytelling abililty."  They note that the character speaks with a bit of an Irish brogue and spices his vocabulary with a lot of "Butte Slang."  Kiely will take the audience through each of the play's 9 acts "painting a colorful picture of some of Butte's best stories you have ever heard.'

This play sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun, and as with any production, many roles other than the ones on stage will need filling.  If you are interested in helping behind-the-scenes in any capacity, you will not be turned away.

Graphics courtesy World Museum of Mining
Graphics courtesy World Museum of Mining

If you would like any further details, contact the World Museum of Mining here in Butte at (406)723-7211 or shoot an email to

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