Autumn in Montana is a great time for wildlife viewing. If you're a bird watcher, there are many area ponds and lakes that waterfowl frequent in the process of migrating south for the winter.

Oftentimes, you'll see deer and other wild animals within city limits. Southwest Montana has an abundance of deer, elk, moose, bighorn sheep, bears, and other types of wildlife. As animals prepare for the long winter ahead, many of them make their way to lower elevations to find sources of food. Hunting season in Montana also has wild animals on the move.

If you head south on Hwy 191 towards Big Sky, there's a good chance you'll see bighorn sheep. You may even have to stop and wait for them to cross the road. There are also a lot of bighorns near Gardiner this time of year. If you head through Paradise Valley south of Livingston, you're guaranteed to see a lot of deer and elk.

If you head north of Bozeman on Bridger Canyon drive, you can cut across to Clyde Park via Brackett Creek. There are usually quite a few elk in that area. You can also see a lot of elk south of Ennis.

If you do plan on heading out to view wildlife this fall, please be mindful of hunters. Many Montanans rely on their yearly harvest of wild game to feed their families.

Make sure to take a pair of binoculars along with you, as animals aren't always close to the road.

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