Nearly a dozen people were arrested on meth trafficking charges in a bust spanning multiple reservations in Montana, according to news announced by the US Attorney's office on Friday.

This huge bust is significant, as local, state, and federal law enforcement sources have consistently pointed to the Mexican drug cartels for specifically targeting Native Americans and our reservations here in Montana.

According to the press release, ten people were arrested on meth trafficking allegations on both the Crow and Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservations. The investigations spanned Yellowstone, Big horn, and Rosebud Counties. Another suspect was arraigned on April 20th on a related case.

Additional charges also include firearms and money laundering crimes. On Wednesday, April 19th, agents with the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and FBI arrested 10 of the defendants in a "coordinated takedown involving multiple law enforcement officers at various locations."

According to the indictment, multiple defendants were distributing meth throughout the area since January of 2022.

The following information has been summarized from the US Attorney's office press release:

The defendants include Wendell Lefthand, 54, of Lodge Grass; Melanie Rose Bloodman, 54, a transient; Jeffrey Prettypaint, 30, of Crow Agency; Keilee Shambrae Diaz, 35, of Crow Agency; Zachary Douglas Bacon, 35, of Garryowen; Morgan Luke Hugs, 34, of Lodge Grass; and Anthony Springfield, 23, of Hardin. 

A companion indictment also names Hailey James, 43, of Lame Deer, and John Littlehead, 37, of Laurel, who pleaded not guilty to three meth trafficking crimes. In a second companion indictment, Jacklyn Marcel Garcia-Littlebird, 58, of Lame Deer, pleaded not guilty to three meth trafficking crimes. In a third companion case, Geofredo James Littlebird, Jr., 39, of Lame Deer, who was previously in custody, pleaded not guilty on April 20 to meth trafficking and firearms offenses charged in a superseding indictment.

Click here for the full press release with more information.

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