A LIVE radio show in the morning. A meet and greet at the station. We're picking up part of your tab at lunch. Then, the Lincoln Reagan dinner Friday night. We've got a great series of events planned this Friday. 

There should be a great turnout in the small Northeast Montana town of Scobey Friday night. I think they're expecting over 30 candidates alone to show up for the Daniels County Lincoln Reagan Day Dinner. Statewide, local, and Congressional candidates will all be in the house.

Sounds like close to 200 tickets have already been sold, with more tickets still available. Turnout at several of the LRDD events has been pretty good from what I am hearing, especially given the wide open race for Eastern Montana's Congressional seat now that Congressman Matt Rosendale (R-MT) is no longer running for re-election. There's over a dozen candidates now seeking that office in both Democrat and Republican primaries.

Here's a list of events Friday in Scobey:

9-10 AM: Montana Talks Statewide Radio Show with Aaron Flint LIVE from KCGM Radio Station

10-11 AM: Meet and Greet with Aaron Flint and KCGM Radio Personalities

12-1:30 PM: AFP Montana event at the DC Lanes Cafe. (This event is paid for by Americans for Prosperity- Montana. Aaron Flint and AFP-Montana will be handing out $24 gift cards to help cover the high costs of inflation that are hitting our country.)

5-9 PM: Daniels County Lincoln Reagan Day Dinner at St. Phillip Bonitus Catholic Church 404 Timmons St, Scobey, Montana. Aaron Flint is one of two keynote speakers for the event, including the Honorable David Marit, Ag minister for the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. He should be VERY interesting.

Look forward to seeing all of our friends in Scobey this Friday!

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