I was chatting with a friend the other day, and they were telling me about how one of the bartenders in Miles City was complaining about "the campers from Billings" after the recent Buckin Horse Sale. They just pack their campers full of food and beer and then sit out at the fairgrounds the whole time. They never come into town and support the local businesses.

I get where the bartender is coming from. Don't get me wrong, I love filling my camper full of food and beverages, but one of the best things about having a camper is getting out and seeing the state- including the local restaurants and bars in the various places you travel to.

I've heard a similar complaint from friends in Northeast Montana about Fort Peck Lake campers from Billings, Minnesota, or wherever. Don't just fill your coolers full of food and beer, support some of these local establishments too!

You don't have to tell me twice. One of the best times we had before we owned our own camper is when we borrowed a camper from some friends in Glasgow. We got rained out the whole weekend, but had a great time anyway. We played card games in the camper. The kids still joke about eating the "Dam Burger" at the Gateway Bar next to Fort Peck Dam. They bought the "Dam Cookie" too. Plus, who goes all the way to Glasgow and doesn't plan for Eugene's Pizza for at least one meal?

As for the Buckin' Horse Sale, I get where folks are coming from- they figure why drive downtown when you can enjoy beverages at your camper at the fairgrounds and not risk driving a little tipsy and getting a DUI. But, Miles City friends tell me they now have a sober chauffer like I remember from Big Mountain in Whitefish back in the day. Josh Rath tells me they even have Uber in Miles City now???

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