The California craziness is now coming to Montana. A liberal judge in Yellowstone County is trying to place a man in the Montana Women's Prison in Billings, Montana.

If you were simply scanning the headlines and reading the first few paragraphs of this story by KTVQ-TV, you would think that a woman is being placed in the Montana Women's Prison. A closer look shows us that this violent offender is actually a man.

Emily Daniels first included me in a post on X that says, "We need to talk about the sentencing of a violent man to a women's prison in Montana."

What? I mean, I know they do this type of crazy stuff in California, but Montana? Then she shared this headline with me from KTVQ: "Woman sentenced to prison for shooting inside Billings hospital emergency room"

According to the article by Greg Tuttle, liberal Judge Jessica Fehr, who was first appointed to the bench by former Democrat Governor Steve Bullock (D-MT), is "recommending" that the offender be placed inside the women's prison for incarceration. The offender is actually a man who identifies as a woman.

Why would a judge in Montana put women at risk like this? Hopefully the state Department of Corrections will ignore this judge's recommendation. Even women who are serving time behind bars are deserving of the state's protection. This is outrageous that they would put the safety of female inmates at risk like this. This is a violent offender who is connected to a shooting inside of a hospital emergency room and also allegedly stalked a "a younger person who had spurned 'her' romantic advances."

By the way, as this news came to my attention on Monday...check out this story out of California that came out the same day: 3rd-strike 'trans' rape suspect prompts rebellion against CA law after attack in women's prison

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