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I'm really upset with Billings Mayor Bill Cole and his comments last night about the violence at the Capitol last week. His personal assumptions had no place at that meeting. I'm guessing he didn't even read the transcripts from the President's speech last week. He was able to have his own trial and determine the President was guilty of inciting the reckless action of these lawbreakers.

Let's go back to the other minutes from previous council meetings and see if he called out Portland's mayor or Minneapolis' mayor or any of the Democrats on tape inciting violence against conservatives or the President. Hey, mayor, do you want the list? We have it and the audio is available. Shame on you. Do that on your own time or on your own social networks. They'll let YOU voice your opinion there.

In fact, Mayor, you need to testify in Washington if they have impeachment hearings because you already have the proof they need. Where has your voice been when cities were destroyed and police were murdered from the antagonistic comments from the left? You know, "Pigs in a blanket" and" Cops must die " being chanted in cities across America? You have every right to make your opinion available but not when representing a city during official business. They are barring congress members from doing it, so you shouldn't do it. See ya tomorrow at 5.

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