The Bozeman Police Department is always working hard to keep our community safe. Last week, they made a significant drug bust in what started out as a traffic violation.

A Bozeman Police officer pulled over a car for a standard traffic violation. The vehicle turned into an alley and stopped. The officer recognized the passenger as an individual that is known to have an outstanding warrant and has had previous law enforcement contacts.

During the traffic stop, the passenger exited the vehicle and seemed to stash something under the seat. He was placed into custody and his probation officer was contacted to search the car.

Over nine grams of methamphetamine in individual baggies, a digital scale, and a glass pipe were discovered. The suspect was arrested and charged with criminal possession of dangerous drugs with intent to distribute.

Despite these arrests, Bozeman was recently recognized for the lowest crime rate in Montana when compared to other cities similar in size according to the Montana Board of Crime Control.

Drug offenses were beginning to finally level out when the pandemic hit in March of 2020. Since then, prices for meth have doubled due to restricted supply chains and a rise in demand. This low supply and high demand has triggered more violence when it comes to distribution.

Overall, Montana has experienced a 34% increase in the rate of positive drug tests for methamphetamine according to a recent Millennium Health study.

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