If soccer is by far the most popular sport on the planet, it makes perfect sense that soccer would be the thing that unites Bozeman with Tanzania.

Bozeman area high school kids are headed to the other side of the world to make a positive impact on their Tanzanian peers who may be at risk, through the Gallatin Futbol Foundation.

GFF needs funds to: support soccer field improvements and stabilization, clubhouse and locker room space, soccer equipment, training materials for coaching and referees, sports injury prevention and fitness training.

What will this Bozeman group do in Tanzania?

  • Organize and facilitate a soccer camp for local underprivileged youth together with the New Vision Sports Club
  • Provide training for referees, sports injury prevention, and exercise science
  • Build sustainable sports facilities in partnership with the Colorado School of Mines
  • Host community soccer tournament where the winning team earns a cow for their village! (How great is that????)

The local non-profit 501c3 Gallatin Futbol Foundation (GFF) has recruited a group of about 30 people (consisting of high-school age soccer players from Gallatin County, coaches, trainers and two environmental engineers) who will be participating in a service program to Arusha, Tanzania in July.

Parents are funding their children's travel, but the organization is fundraising to support specific service projects for the local community.

GFF is holding fundraising activities to support this service program.

  • ONLINE AUCTION starting Friday March 4th at 5pm through Sunday March 13th at 5pm (there is a QR code also on attached flyer).
  • RAFFLE: drawing for an Orvis flyrod and reel valued at $800 (see attached flyer);
  • DIRECT DONATIONS: Tax deductible donations can also be made to Gallatin Futbol Foundation

The children in Arusha participating in the New Vision Sports program are at-risk children who may otherwise be recruited into gangs. This service trip is aimed not only at improving their facilities, but to promote peace through soccer.

By bringing youth soccer players from the USA to Tanzania, new relationships will be developed to enhance respect for different cultures.

Gallatin Valley students will gain valuable experience in the importance of using environmentally friendly and sustainable materials to benefit the local community in Arusha.

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