I first started hearing from soccer parents in Bozeman and Billings starting Wednesday afternoon. No cheering on your kids? Coaches can't coach from the sidelines? What kind of woke nonsense is this?

After hearing from a few parents and getting a memo apparently from the Surf Soccer Club in Bozeman, Montana- I reached out to the club to see if they had any more info they wanted to share. We didn't hear back, but man did we get an earful from callers on the phone lines while we were LIVE on the radio after mentioning the story.

Fellow veteran George Blackard and I do a "Freedom Friday" segment for Billings and Bozeman every  Friday. We discussed the "Silent Saturday" that the Bozeman soccer club was implementing for the near 70 games that were set to be played on Saturday.

We get it- parents are getting out of hand during sporting events these days. There's a general lawlessness that is taking root all across America. But just like the lawlessness across America- instead of punishing the wrongdoers, we punish everybody. The shoplifters don't get punished, so we all pay for it with higher prices. If a few parents are getting out of line, why don't they punish the people getting out of line? Instead, let's punish everybody.

One caller, Tim from Savage, hit the nail on the head. He likened it to gun control. The Left doesn't want to punish the people who commit crimes and use guns illegally, instead they want to take away guns from everybody else.

So how'd the soccer games go? As KBZK-TV reports, parents got creative:

Parents say they found ways to get creative, many brought signs, and cowbells and some even wore shirts that said '' shhh we're in Bozeman.”

If you want to listen to the conversation about Silent Saturday, click below.

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