Guest speakers Tammy Hall and chemist Dr. Elizabeth "Tess" Corbin of Bozeman joined the Montana Talks show this morning with important suggestions to keep your immune system running smoothly.

Tammy Hall with husband Kelly Hall at Montana Talks studio
Credit: Rachel Helgeson, Townsquare Media

The women want listeners to give their bodies a chance to fight any illness with a strong immune system instead of relying on COVID-19 or other vaccines and other prescribed medicines.

Lots of listeners asked for a list of Dr. Corbin's supplements they can take at home that boosts the immune system. This regimen can be implemented post-vaccine or for everyday general health.

  • Vitamin C 2-10 grams/day
  • Magnesium 200-500 milligrams/day
  • Selenium 200 micrograms/day
  • Apple Pectin 700 milligrams 2 times/day
  • Zinc 50-100 milligrams/day
  • Vitamin D3-5000 IU

"Apple Pectin is not necessary daily but is a good help for those who have had a COVID vaccine, to help mitigate the damage," Dr. Corbin said.

Below are some supplements for "first aid" for any virus, Dr. Corbin explained. If a person feels a cold or flu coming on, take one dose in the morning and one in the evening.  Adding Zinc and Vitamin D to that is also good if they are not already taking them daily.


  • Monolaurin 900 milligrams 2 times/day
  • NAC N-acetyl cysteine 600-1,000 milligrams 2 times/day

Dr. Corbin reminds listeners if they've experienced an adverse effect to the COVID-19 vaccine or any vaccine, they can visit to report their symptoms.

A full recording of this special discussion will be available Monday, 12/20 on our website and Montana Talks and 95.5 NewsTalk apps.

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