The radical transgender activists are putting out dangerous misinformation when it comes to kids, transgender surgery operations, and the long term effects of drugs like puberty blockers. Yet, many in the Montana media rely largely on one source for their information, and they refuse to question that one source.

Leor Sapir is a senior fellow with the Manhattan Institute who has been challenging the claims of out-of-state transplant Dr. Lauren Wilson, who now lives in Missoula and is constantly pushing the transgender agenda targeting kids. Sapir challenged her to a debate. We even offered to let the two debate on the radio. So far, Wilson is refusing to debate. She also has not responded to a column produced by Sapir that got published by a liberal blog here in Montana.

I gave it a few days, hoping Wilson would respond to Sapir's offer to debate or at least offer a written response to his article. Since it had been more than week, and no response- I decided it was time to at least have Sapir join us on the radio. One of our listeners, Tim in Savage, said that this was definitely one of those podcasts you will want to download and listen to if you are travelling for the Memorial Day weekend.

Sapir tackled the 3 main pieces of disinformation that the radical transgender activists constantly push out- including "suicide myth", the idea that if you don't chop healthy body parts off of kids or give them the drugs that they are going to commit suicide. The numbers don't back that claim up.

Here's the full audio of our conversation with Leor Sapir from the Manhattan Institute:


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