I know I just host a little old radio show here in Montana...but it was pretty obvious very early on in the COVID-19 craziness: the virus likely came from the Communist Chinese lab in Wuhan, China. We then quickly realized that; yes- that fraud Dr. Fauci helped fund "gain of function" research at that very lab in China.

Check out this story about a strain of coronavirus that was sent to a lab here in Montana back in 2018.

I first got word of this story via a post on X.com on Tuesday afternoon:

JUST IN - Anthony Fauci-run lab in U.S. state of Montana used tax payer money to experiment with coronavirus strain shipped in from China's Wuhan a year before Covid pandemic began, Daily Mail reports

That was the post from The Insider Paper via X.com.

Here's more from The UK Daily Mail:

The National Institutes of Health (NIH), under Dr Anthony Fauci's leadership, infected 12 Egyptian fruit bats with a 'SARS-like' virus called WIV1 at a lab in Montana in 2018.

The WIV1-coronavirus was shipped from the Wuhan lab the FBI believes caused the Covid pandemic and was tested on bats acquired from a 'roadside' Maryland zoo.

Fox & Friends weekend anchor Rachel Campos-Duffy gave this reaction via X:

Rachel Campos-Duffy: Fauci is a sociopath. So sick of all these lies coming out 3 years too late. No wonder we have zero trust in our government.

Here's what Montana Congressman Matt Rosendale (R-MT02) posted Tuesday night:

Our government helped create the Wuhan flu, then shut the country down when it escaped from the lab! Fauci and his cohorts must be held accountable!


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