Are you ready to wear Bullock's Burqas? Is he just doing more of Chuck Schumer's bidding?

Liberal Gov. Steve Bullock just announced a statewide mandatory mask order (w/ some caveats). You're about to witness mass civil disobedience. The public went with the first shutdown. They're now losing the consent of the governed. -That was my reaction just as the news was announced that liberal Gov. Steve Bullock was issuing a statewide mandatory mask order.

Here's some of the reactions I got from across Montana:

Jennifer: Here we go.. asking law enforcement to get stuck in the middle.... when there’s so much push back against them. It’s insane. Pretty sure they have better things to do.


David: I'd like to see 'em try and make me,.. Bullock is such a party hack,and he wants to be senator? I don't think so,..don't let the door hit ya in the split God gave ya, ... can you say," Governor Gianforte?" I can.


Kari: My body my choice. Right?


Kurtis: Way to go, Governor Soros


Bret: I will not comply!


Steve: Can we call our mouth plugs “Bullock Burka’s”?


Josiah: I’ll wear one at work, because they pay me to listen to them. I’ll wear one in other people’s businesses, because I respect their property rights to decide what should be allowed in their businesses. Other than that, I’m not wearing one for anyone. Try me


Jennifer: I’m about to find out how they plan to enforce this guideline because I will not comply.


Dick: I believe you are correct- everyone went along with the 14 day shutdown to allow hospitals prepare and get ahold of things- but that went into weeks and then months and from there on it's been going down hill .. When all the Democrat politicians let the anarchists of BLM and ANTIFA break all Covid -19 rules while rioting, looting, burning and terrorizing cities-- and instead of arresting them - they promoted the actions-- it all went out the door...

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