Montana's former liberal Gov. Steve Bullock (D-MT) loved to campaign against Super PAC's and so-called "dark money" in politics. So what is one of the first gigs he takes after leaving the governor's mansion and falling short in the US Senate race in Montana? He takes a gig with a Super PAC, naturally.

Bullock is now the co-chair of "American Bridge" a radical left-wing Super PAC (political action committee), according to NBC Montana. Brock Lowrance, a successful conservative political consultant with Montana roots, was quick to highlight the hypocrisy.

The “gig” is with a SuperPac. The guy who has built a persona being against SuperPacs is now going to co-chair a SuperPac. Steve Bullock, against SuperPacs, going to now co-chair a SuperPac. Nevermind! Nothing to see here! Just a “gig” amirite!

Lowrance also noted

This may not come as a surprise to too many Montanans of course. Bullock early on campaigned in support of 2nd Amendment rights, before later pushing gun bans, ammunition limits, and other gun control efforts.

He also campaigned early on in support of the Keystone Pipeline, but then trashed the project later on during his tenure as governor.


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