100th Wild Horse Stampede Coverage Thanks to Nemont Communications

As we were getting ready to head to Wolf Point, Montana for the 100th Wild Horse We got an email from Diane in Troy, Montana.

Diane: What is a "catholic burger "or "Catholic burger"?  We think it may be a fish sandwich.

Not only did we have the answer for Diane, we got some of the numbers on just how many pounds of beef they were planning to sell during the Stampede.

Jim Rodenberg is one of the longtime volunteers manning the Catholic Burger stand this weekend in Wolf Point.

Basically the Catholic Burger is just a good ole' beef hamburger.

Jim Rodenberg: It started 77 years ago. The ladies at the Catholic Church-at that time they had a school back at that time here in Wolf Point, a Catholic grade school...so the ladies auxiliary at the Catholic Church started selling hamburgers one stampede time and it just ballooned- got bigger, bigger every year.

One generous patron from Scobey, Montana that isn't even a member of the Catholic parish in Wolf Point, donated 3 cows for the burger stand during the stampede. Jim says they were planning on selling more than that 1,000 pounds in this one stampede weekend.

Jim Rodenberg: We sell a lot of hamburgers, we gave 'er 10,000 hamburgers during the stampede weekend here. I think the specialty of the Catholic Burger is probably the onions we put on it, they come off the grill and they're pretty tasty. And it's just it's a community effort.

Jim tells us that the Lutherans and others also jump in on the action and help out (when they're not running their own smorgasbord of course).

By the way, Jim is also a local honey producer in Northeast Montana. He talked about that and more below.

Full coverage from the 100th Wolf Point Wild Horse Stampede thanks to Nemont Communications for sponsoring the coverage:

Credit Aaron Flint
Credit Aaron Flint

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