Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney spoke with reporters following Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy's decision to withdraw all five Republican nominations he'd made to the House Select Committee to investigate the events of January 6.

Earlier on Wednesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi put out a statement rejecting two members proposed by McCarthy, Jim Banks of Indiana and Jim Jordan of Ohio, because of "concern about statements made and actions taken by these Members."

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In front of reporters, Cheney condemned the events of January 6 and the actions taken by McCarthy to withdrawal Republican members from the committee.

"We supported what would have been the very best option, which was a bipartisan independent commission. The Minority Leader opposed that, he lobbied against it in the Senate, and the Senate blocked it...Today, the Speaker objected to two Republican members...one of whom may well be a material witness to events that led to that day - that led to January 6th. The other, who disqualified himself by his comments in particular over the last 24 hours demonstrating that he is not taking this seriously...This investigation must go forward...I am absolutely dedicated and committed to making sure that this investigation holds those accountable who did this and ensures that it never happens again."

Cheney said in spite of what McCarthy did, there has been some support among Republicans for the previous bipartisan committee, as well as the current select committee.

"This committee has been focused, and I am certainly focused on ensuring that we get to the facts. And in fact, there were thirty-five Republicans who supported an independent bipartisan commission, which, as I've said, would have been the far preferable way to go."

Cheney said, in response to a question about McCarthy becoming Speaker after withdrawing Republicans from the committee, that he has not shown a commitment to the constitution.

"I think that any person who would be third in line to the presidency must demonstrate a commitment to the Constitution and a commitment to the rule of law, and Minority Leader McCarthy has not done that."

When asked by reporters if she played a role in getting Pelosi to take the actions she did, Cheney only said that she agreed with the actions taken by the Speaker.

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