A major national website has named Cheyenne, Wyoming as one of the best places to move to after the pandemic ends.

This is no small-potatoes internet blogger making this claim. Business Insider just shared a new article where they try to determine where Americans should relocate to after COVID-19 is nothing but a bad memory.

They base their reasoning off of a study by Axios which claims a stunning more than one-third of Americans plan to move to less populated cities in the next year. It looks like it's mainly the young looking to relocate as they state that the 18 to 34 year old demographic is most likely to move.

Why Cheyenne? Here's what Business Insider said:

Among the metro areas, Cheyenne has the shortest weekly commute to and from work, at two hours and 28 minutes, and the 18th-lowest population density, at 37.1 people per square mile.

According to their ranking, Cheyenne comes in at #20 for best post-pandemic destinations.

For what it's worth, two North Dakota cities also made the list as Fargo and Bismarck were both named also. Check out the full Business Insider list if you'd like to see the go-to places after COVID-19 is done.

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