Will Montana Congressman Matt Rosendale (R-MT02) take another run at liberal Senator Jon Tester (D-MT)? Will President Trump back Rosendale if he does? Or, will Trump back Navy SEAL veteran Tim Sheehy- who is already endorsed by Montana Governor Greg Gianforte, Senator Steve Daines, and the Western District Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke (R-MT01)?

CNN is reporting that President Trump will NOT back a Senate run by Rosendale, and that Trump even delivered the news personally to Rosendale.

CNN: Donald Trump recently delivered the news to Rep. Matt Rosendale: He wouldn’t win the former president’s coveted endorsement if he runs in the GOP primary for the US Senate seat in Montana, according to a Trump ally, a decision with major implications in the high-stakes battle for control of the Senate.



I've reached out to the Rosendale camp to get their take on this story by CNN. Rosendale spokeswoman Aashka Varma says the story is 100% false, and that they have called on CNN to take the article down.

Aashka Varma: It is 100% false. I contacted CNN and told them it was 100% false. Clearly they have no journalistic integrity, since the article is still up.

It has been interesting travelling the state recently and chatting with folks about the US Senate race and 2024. A lot of us are fans of the job Congressman Rosendale has been doing in the Eastern District. He's been a key voice when it comes to calling out the billions of dollars flowing overseas to protect the borders of other countries, while our own border is flung wide open.

I found it interesting that a lot of the Rosendale supporters I ran into want him to stay in the House. They want a voice like his back in the Capitol ruffling feathers with the establishment and with leadership. He's a shoe-in for re-election in the House. Why give up a House seat and possibly lose a Senate race and then have no voice in Congress? They also see a new candidate that isn't an established politician as having a better shot at taking out liberal Senator Jon Tester. Like I say, this is some, not all.

By the way- speaking of liberal Senator Jon Tester (D-MT), he likes to pretend to be a moderate during election years: here's video of him as he got busted in a private fundraiser basically calling Trump a dictator. (Hey Tester- Did Trump shut down your churches and keep strip clubs open? Did Trump use the FBI to spy on his opponents? You guys are the ones that want to take away our 2nd Amendment rights, raise our taxes, and grow the size and power of our federal government)


And now...just for fun:


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