"Jon Tester failed to fully follow through on ethics pledge at center of 2006 campaign." That was a recent headline from CNN of all places.

The headline should be no big surprise to Montanans. Liberal Senator Jon Tester ran against lobbyist cash, the national debt, the Patriot Act, the wars, and more in 2006. He's gone back on all of that during his long tenure in office in the US Senate.

Navy SEAL veteran and Montana Republican US Senate candidate Tim Sheehy went after Tester for being a career politician during a recent interview on Fox News.

Tim Sheehy: Jon Tester is running for his fourth term in the Senate after a career in politics in the Montana State Legislature as well. He's a career politician. And, you know, he's one of the largest recipients of lobbyists dollars in Washington, DC. So for him to act as if he's somehow independent from lobbying, and he's not a part of the Washington complex is just fundamentally untrue.

A nickname that Tester has earned back here in Montana is "flip flop flat top" for saying one thing in Montana, and doing something else back in Washington. Tester also pretends to be more moderate when it is election season.

Tim Sheehy on Tester: He's not an outsider. He's not a moderate. He's a liberal establishment Democrat who is deeply tied in with DC lobbying.

Click here for the full video of Sheehy's remarks.

Sheehy also did a recent interview with Breitbart News:  Montanans Can ‘Save the Country’ by Voting Out Jon Tester

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