Mike McGinley has been a Beaverhead County Commissioner for 23 years, but he says the biggest changes he has seen in Dillon, Montana have taken place in just the last three years.

I was in Dillon, Montana for the Lincoln Reagan Day Dinner this past Saturday night.  Earlier in the evening, I had the honor of serving as the keynote speaker and I spoke about how Americans are fleeing the locked down states of America, and they are fleeing to the Free States of America.

Portland, Oregon has lost population three years in a row. Over 700,000 Californians have fled what used to be called the Golden state. They're fleeing for the Free States of America like Texas, Florida, and Montana.

Afterwards, local officials like County Commissioner McGinley spoke. Commissioner McGinley mentioned a question my wife asked him during the dinner. What's the most change you've seen during your 23 years as a county commissioner? He said it made sense after hearing my remarks. He then pointed out that he has seen more change in the last 3 years than in the last 23 years combined.

The bottom line is this: a LOT of people are moving into Dillon just like they're piling into other parts of Montana.

I spoke with another gentleman after the dinner about all of the growth in Dillon and Beaverhead County. He works as a local repair man, and told me that- yes, there are a lot of newcomers in the Dillon area.

As a repair man, he gets to meet a lot of people when he visits their homes. As they get to talking, he asks them where they are from. Whether they fled from Portland, or from California- he said they all very quickly want to make one thing clear: They are not one of THOSE people. In other words, they want you to know that they fled these far Left cities and states so they could live in a place with people who share their values.

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