We had a record turnout in Montana's June 2nd primary election. But who did they turn out for? Republicans.

It's pretty interesting when you look at the numbers from the election, according to the latest stats posted by the Montana Secretary of State's office. As of 10 a.m. on Wednesday, June 3rd, Montana's Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) had nearly 50,000 more people vote for him in the Republican primary election than liberal Gov. Steve Bullock had vote for him in the Democrat primary election.

Credit Montana Secretary of State website
Credit Montana Secretary of State website


Also, if you look at sheer vote totals, when it comes to the US House race in Montana, over 215,000 voted in the Republican primary for US House, while only roughly 148,000 voted in the Democrat primary for US House.

That was one of the stories that stood out to me following the primary election. What else stood out? According to longtime Montana political reporters Mike Dennison and Chuck Johnson, the more conservative candidates fared better than the more moderate candidates when it came to the state's contested legislative races.


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