In true form, February's winter weather came like a lion, and this morning's early morning storm followed suit. Unfortunately, the aftermath of the storm and drop in temperatures today caused many accidents across the state, including the 40-mile stretch on I-90 from Deer Lodge to Butte. How do I know for sure this was the case? I experienced it firsthand during my commute from Anaconda to Butte this morning. First off, I learned of the harsh road conditions from Anaconda to Deer Lodge from a friend who travels to Deer Lodge for work. As for my travels on I-90 this morning, the first accident I encountered involved a semi mangled in the median on the west side of Fairmont Hill, an area I have commonly referred to as the Bermuda Triangle of roadways. NOT because vehicles "disappear" in that area, but because of the bizarre accidents that EERILY and repeatedly occur there in the SAME LOCATIONS. (To get your imagination going, hum the theme song to Twilight Zone while reading that last sentence). (continued...)

So back to the I- 90 accident on Fairmont Hill this morning; it appeared to be a case of a semi compromised by icy road conditions. Still determining if speed was a factor in this case, but if it was, hopefully, it gave other drivers a clue to slow down. I know I did. Then, about 4 minutes from Butte, I faced yet another accident involving a semi-truck. From there, I-90 was closed, and semis and other vehicles had no choice but to take Butte's City Center exit. The visual was unbelievable as nearly thirty semis convoyed through Butte down Montana Street to get back on the I-90 ramp heading east. So, the takeaway from this piece is simply this; be careful on the roadways this winter and year-round, and remember it's not a race. Stay safe and slow down, as I'm sure family and friends would love for you to stick around for a while. Jasmine of Butte's Townsquare Media also has a story on our websites about a Facebook group that provides updates on Montana's weather conditions; another great tool that works in your favor, so check out her story for details.

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