What if you needed to charge your electric vehicle (EV) and the temperature was zero or below?

I'm not thinking about the car, but the charging station itself.

Forget what we are told, lets to find out what really happens.

Out Of Spec Reviews is a YouTube page that looks at what actually happens, beyond what the manufacturers, government, or media claims tell us.

The host was in Loveland Colorado at a EV charging station when the temperature dipped below zero.

What was promised was not happening.

Most of the charging stations were not working at all.

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The couple that did work, and actually charged like they were supposed to, were older model charging units.

The host of the show was driving and EV when he noticed that, due the the cold, his car had lost a lot of power.

Electric efficiency in running the vehicle had dropped considerably too.

That was due in part to the cold, but also running the car's heater to keep the cabin warm drains a lot of energy from the batteries.

So he pulled into a quick charging station to boost things up.

You can watch his video tour below.

At the first stop, there were 4 charging stations available.

One was not working at all.

One said it was in use when it was not.

The third one tried to charge his vehicle but could not.

That left just the old charging unit. He had no choice but to plug into it.

The 3 stations that were not working show that they are all in working order.

The companies servicing them think that they are just fine.

That's what the computers at the charger is telling them.

Drivers pull up thinking that the station is working.

That is what their app is telling them.

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To make sure it was not just that one service station he then moved on to other locations in the area.

After driving around the area in below-zero temperatures and trying multiple locations he found that most of the newer charging stations failed to charge his vehicle, even though they said they were on line.

Older charging stations seemed to be more reliable.

Unfortunately, most charging stations are new models.

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