You have to watch this video in order to see the crazy still shot photo of the car windshield after a can of bear spray blew up up inside a Yellowstone National Park worker's vehicle.

Cowboy State Daily had this news earlier in the week:  YNP Worker Discovers What Happens When Bear Spray Explodes In Car 

According to Cowboy State Daily's Andrew Rossie, a worker at Yellowstone National Park worker left bear spray on the dashboard of his vehicle and later came back to find out that "the canister blew through the windshield and launched itself more than 200 feet. It just left a big hole and then launched through the windshield, over 100 feet away before it landed."

According to Rossi, "neither the vehicle nor the canister was excessively hot or in direct sunlight." However, the windshield, dashboard and an airbag were all damaged."

Here's the video which includes a photo of the vehicle after the bear spray blew up. 



By the way, I know there's a big debate over gun vs. bear spray...but one of my favorite lines is- "if you got one, you got none." Why not carry both? Especially since we know that it is NOT good to leave your gun in your car at a trailhead. Authorities have been warning Montanans not to leave their guns or other valuables in their vehicles as trailheads have been targeted.

Funny side note: we have proof that bear spray also works on Bobcats. My University of Montana Grizzly alumni friend pulled bear spray out of his pickup when he and his now Montana State Bobcat wife were getting home from a hike. He accidentally deployed the bear spray, and the Bobcat definitely was knocked back- but it obviously only served as a temporary repellant.

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