For some reason every time I hear local city leaders pleading with Montanans NOT to leave their guns in their cars...I keep thinking of the Reginald Denny/ Rodney King spoof from In Living Color back in the day.

Don't keep your guns in your car! Yeah, we get it...but if there weren't so many "gun free zones" maybe people wouldn't have to leave their guns in their cars?

Also, have you noticed how so many of these news reports focused on the youth gang violence taking place in Billings, Montana don't say a word about the wide open Southern Border, the drug trafficking, and the role played by the Mexican drug cartels? We've been covering it.

With regard to the "don't keep your guns in your car" mantra being touted by city leaders in the wake of a wave of youth gang violence- I remember seeing an article out of Bozeman last year where law enforcement made a similar plea. Another article from a local radio station also talked about how guns were being stolen from vehicles parked at trailheads (Um- if I'm on a trail I want my gun with me...and some bear spray).

When it comes to guns being stolen from vehicles, certainly it is good to remind folks that this isn't the good old days where everyone had a rifle in their gun rack in the back of their pickup. You could leave it unlocked with the keys in the ignition and there wouldn't be a problem. That's not the case in large parts of the state anymore.

But what about the people who want the ability to defend themselves and others when they're not at home asleep for the night? Why would they still have to leave their gun in their car? Probably because so many places have been labelled "gun free zones" where only the criminals will be the ones carrying the guns. If criminals are getting their hands on guns by stealing them from cars- all the more reason to have fewer of these absurd "gun free zones."

And remember- don't leave your gun in your car.



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