It's crazy enough that the radical Left and activist judges want to stop pipelines from being built here in America. But, to order the shutdown of a pipeline that is already up and running? The latest ruling from an Obama-appointed judge in Washington, DC comes in the midst of the COVID-induced economic crisis gripping the nation.

We spoke with Ron Ness from the North Dakota Petroleum Council about the ruling shutting down the Dakota Access Pipeline Tuesday morning. Ness says this will have a big impact on Bakken oil in Montana and North Dakota:

 I came to work yesterday thinking that we were going to be in the mode of turning Bakken wells back on, with oil price tipping over $40 a barrel Friday. I just don"t know what's up with these US District judges and how they think they're going to just play politics from the bench these days.

This pipeline has been operating safely for over three years. It carries 570,000 barrels of North Dakota, Montana- Bakken crude oil  to the Louisiana Gulf Coast every day.


The federal judge ordered the pipeline to be emptied by August 5th. When it comes to pipelines, Ness says, "It takes a long time to fill them, and a long time to empty them."

Click below for our full conversation with Ron Ness from the North Dakota Petroleum Council.


By the way...who is the real winner following decisions like this from these liberal judges? Vladimir Putin. As we've previously reported, Russia has been funneling cash into the environmental groups working to block the Dakota Access Pipeline, the Keystone XL pipeline, and efforts to block fracking in America.

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