Interesting Oil Business Eyes Move to Billings
Aside from natural gas, what else is brought to the surface when we drill for oil? Water. A lot of it. That's what makes a company eyeing a move to Billings, Montana even more interesting- they're able to take the wastewater from the oil fields and turn it into useable water for agricultural irrigation.
DAPL Ruling a Gift to Vladimir Putin [AUDIO]
It's crazy enough that the radical Left and activist judges want to stop pipelines from being built here in America, but to order the shutdown of a pipeline that is already up and running? The latest ruling from an Obama-appointed judge in Washington, DC comes in the midst of the COVID-induced economic crisis gripping the nation.
E&E: Largest 6 Week Drop for ND Oil Production
Nearly two years ago, the North Dakota rig count had doubled from 2016. Earlier this year, despite the takedown of Iranian terror leader Qassem Soleimani, oil prices remained relatively stable following a tension in international relations that could have caused long lines at the gas pumps in the 1970s. Then, last month we saw a massive drop in oil prices designed to force American producers out of the market.