Making sure electrical vehicle owners don't get a free ride. Property and income tax rebates gaining traction. And blocking "woke" ESG investing. Here's some highlights of day one of our capitol coverage LIVE from the Montana capitol, sponsored by The Frontier Institute.

Montana House Majority Leader Sue Vinton (R-Billings) was the first lawmaker up to the microphone once we got set up at 6 a.m.

Rep. Vinton: I'm sure you've already talked about the big news Friday coming out of House Appropriations- the tax rebate packages that we have moving forward. House and Senate Republicans are working hard to send that surplus revenue that was collected by the state back to the people who paid it.

Next up on the microphone was Rep. Terry Moore (R-Billings) who has a distinguished background in the local Montana banking industry.

Rep. Moore: I have a bill today on the House floor this afternoon that really deals with taking politics out of public fund investing. This is an important bill to assure that the Board of Investments does not head down a path of "Wokeism", head down a path of ESG, but rather that they're looking out for the highest, best returns on behalf of Montana citizens to yield the best long term results with the least risk.


Here's the audio of our day one coverage, sponsored by The Frontier Institute.

In the 6A hour: House Majority Leader Sue Vinton (R-Billings), Rep. Terry Moore (R-Billings), Speaker of the House Matt Regier (R-Kalispell) and more.

In the 7A hour: Jeff Laszloffy with the Montana Family Foundation, Rep. Naarah Hastings (R-Billings), Rep. Larry Brewster (R-Billings) and more.

Several other lawmakers joined us in the 8A and 9A hours- including Rep. Jerry Schillinger (R-Circle), Sen. John Fuller (R-Kalispell) with updates on SB99 and veterans legislation, along with Rep. Jed Hinkle (R-Belgrade) on redistricting, Senate Judiciary Chairman Keith Regier (R-Kalispell), Sen. Ken Bogner (R-Miles City), and Rep. Denley Loge (R-St. Regis) on electrical vehicles and road constructions.

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