We talked about the debt limit. We talked about our buddy Matt Rosendale. We talked about the guns and the gear at the SHOT Show. We talked about the latest anti-gun antics from the ATF. But then we got to the really important question: How do we make sure Montana doesn't get Californicated like Colorado?

We caught up with Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-CO) at the SHOT Show down in Las Vegas. Here's the full audio:

So, for those of us who got to see Colorado in the late 90's...there's a lot of us who are worried that Montana could turn into Colorado in another 20 years. How do we stop the Californication? Here's what Rep. Boebert had to say:

Rep. Boebert: You have to have a strong support at your state level, that that's what went wrong in Colorado. Democrats completely took over our state legislature and they've had a supermajority for quite some time now. And that has been detrimental on all fronts, whether it's with our lands, with our schools, our children, regulations, and even our Second Amendment. Last year they passed another six unconstitutional laws infringing your Second Amendment rights in Colorado- even allowing cities, towns, counties, special districts, to ban concealed carry in those areas if they so choose. Our concealed carry permit was our saving grace. And now that means nothing.

As we spoke with Rep. Boebert last week at the SHOT Show, we saw the news being reported that she was going to be appointed to serve in the House Oversight Committee which will be going after this weaponization of the federal government against the American people and conservatives in particular.

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