We literally live in and around the largest historic landmark district in the nation.  Not Boston.  Not Philadephia.  Butte, America holds that distinction and it is due in no small part to the work done by the Butte Citizens for Preservation and Revitalization.  They are a nonprofit whose mission is simply preserving the many historic buildings of Butte. Their work has not gone unnoticed by the State Historic Preservation Office.

"Through their positive, hands-on participation in the civic life of Butte, [Butte CPR is] creating a greater understanding that Butte’s historic architecture is what makes Butte what it is. And that is something worth fighting for! " - Montana State Historic Preservation Office

Not an easy or inexpensive task.  One big means of the CPR's funding is the annual "Dust to Dazzle" tour which features different historic Butte buildings, once in a state of disrepair, now restored and beautiful.  This year's event will take place on June 24 from noon to 5pm.

Poster courtesy buttecpr.org
Poster courtesy buttecpr.org

From the group's website, here are the homes and buildings that will be on display:

Dust to Dazzle 2023 – A Walk in Walkerville

This year’s Dust to Dazzle tour will focus on the historic City of Walkerville. Featured properties along North Main and Daly Streets are:

1308 North Main – St. Lawrence O’Toole Church was Butte’s second Catholic church, where the first Mass was celebrated on Christmas in 1897.

1501 North Main – The Lexington Mine and Hoist House

1607 North Main – This mercantile store of the early 1880s later served as the Mount Bethel Methodist Church for nearly 70 years and is undergoing renovation to become a grocery/deli.

111 West Daly – This brick duplex was one of the more substantial residences in Walkerville and served for a short period as a hospital under Dr. George H. Wells.

122 West Daly – This simple miner’s home dates to Walkerville’s earliest days.

720 West Daly – Built in 1916-17, the interior of this modest home features charming Craftsman styling.

723 West Daly – This 1906 Victorian-era residence served as a home for more affluent residents of Walkerville.

Tour-goers can browse at their own pace and visit the seven featured properties in whatever order they choose.  A Silent Auction will also be held at 1607 N Main.

Tickets, $20 each, will be available at all properties on tour day and may be purchased in advance at Isle of Books, 43 E. Broadway, The Corner Bookstore, 1877 Harrison Ave., and Second Edition Books, 112 S. Montana St.

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