The segment has already been viewed over 21 million times. Our friend Jeremy Carl out of Bozeman, Montana sat down with the one and only Tucker Carlson. What did they talk about? Here you go.

Jeremy Carl lives in Bozeman and is a senior fellow with The Claremont Institute. He wrote a book about anti white racism in America. One year after leaving Fox News, Tucker Carlson interviewed Jeremy on his "Tucker Carlson Uncensored" program.

Here was the opening question Tucker threw at Jeremy:

Tucker Carlson: This is like the one thing you never thought, or I never thought, you would see in America, which is our leaders openly attacking people on the basis of their race- just 60 years after the Civil Rights movement that supposedly taught us the opposite lesson in the Civil Rights Act. So how did this happen do you think?

Jeremy Carl: Well, it's an interesting question, right. And I think you've just hit on a key point, which is 60 years. We're as far now from the Civil Rights Act as they were basically from the Wright brothers. So there's been a lot of time. A lot of water under the bridge since that time, and a lot of things that happened. And I think it was begun with very sincere intentions, but I think rather quickly- certainly 10,20, 30 years down the line- it got really hijacked to the point that we went from trying to treat people equally to what has eventually amounted to reverse racism.

Elon Musk also highlighted the conversation in this tweet shared by Jeremy Carl in his substack account:




Here's the full segment with Tucker Carlson and Jeremy Carl:


Here's the audio from when Jeremy joined us on the radio on April 4, 2024:

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