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With families struggling to pay bills due to COVID-19 layoffs, and some being close to eviction because they're unable to pay rent, a local community action agency is providing some relief.

According to a press release from HRDC, their agency has 24 core programs that assist low-income individuals and families with energy bills, rent, mortgage assistance, and other needs. Additional relief funds will also be coming for those dealing with the loss of a job and income due to COVID-19, to help with emergency situations and other essentials.

Our offices are currently closed to the public, but all programs are operating and being delivered remotely. This means that families do not need to travel to Billings to apply. They can call, fax, email, or use US mail to submit applications. -HRDC

Low-income families can also get assistance with their heating bills through the Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP), regardless of where they get their heat.  HRDC encourages those who would like to find out more to visit their website by clicking HERE. Many different programs and services are available, with their goal to help as many people as they can.

Residents of Yellowstone, Big Horn, Carbon, Stillwater, and Sweet Grass counties can contact HRDC to find out about emergency financial assistance for housing situations including deposits, rent, and mortgage payment.

To get more information from HRDC about their assistance programs, call 800-433-1411, or email them at info@hrdc7

At HRDC, we envision a world in which individuals don’t have to chose between heating their homes or feeding their families, where jobs pay a living wage and homes are affordable, where children receive early learning to promote healthy development, and all community members are provided equal opportunity, free from economic barriers, to achieve their full human potential.


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