Condescending. That's what turned off the undecided voters Frank Luntz was speaking with after Wednesday night's debate between Vice President Mike Pence and Democrat VP candidate Kamala Harris. They were talking about the condescending demeanor of California Senator Kamala Harris.

That was what stood out to me very early on in the debate as well. Senator Harris' constant gestures, laughing, and scowls reminded me of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) during the most recent State of the Union Address. I think we were all just waiting for her to tear up her notes at the end of the debate and storm off stage. It must be an elitist Californian thing...

On policy and substance, VP Pence clearly dominated the debate. THE clip of the night was the back and forth on the Trump tax cuts. Senator Harris was claiming Biden won't raise taxes on those making under $400k. VP Pence pointed out Biden pledged to repeal the Trump tax cuts. Would he only repeal part of the Trump tax cuts, Pence asked?

From a Montana standpoint, the other standout moment of the night was debate moderator Susan Page's question about the Green New Deal. She pointed out that the Green New Deal is on the Biden/Harris campaign website.








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